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Lab Director, Yale Privacy Lab

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Yale Privacy Lab is an initiative of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. We explore the connection between privacy, security, and anonymity through hands-on software and hardware implementation, such as cybersecurity workshops. As the technical arm of the Information Society Project, we are quickly becoming an intellectual resource for projects around campus, strengthening the networks between technologists, lawyers, students, and researchers.

Yale Privacy Lab TA3M September

Inaugural TA3M at MakeHaven makerspace

Location: New Haven, CT



This event is a follow-up from our Privacy Lab Skillshare on September 16. For our inaugural TA3M, we’ll be looking at mini-server projects such as FreedomBox (using hardware like the Raspberry Pi). What can affordable mini-servers on open hardware do for New Haven? Where does MakeHaven fit in? Yale? Other schools and organizations?