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Coinbase 2FA Not Working

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When you are using the coinbase you might come up with a problem – Coinbase 2FA Not Working. This is the problem that is quite common among the users and wants to know the reasons behind it and what you could do to avoid it or find the solution if it happens?


Sage Support Phone Number

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Messi distinguishes himself from "news" and "human world.

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FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi also admitted his lifelong rival Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus. 


"Except me and Ronaldo, the best players in the world are Mbaffe Azar Suarez Aguero and Neymar," Messi told Argentine Radio in a recent interview. "I liked the time when Ronaldo was in Primera Liga, Spain," he said. He elevated Lariga," he praised. 


"Messie categorized her and Ronaldo into a different category," said Marca, a Spanish sports magazine. Messi did not include Ronaldo as one of the top five soccer players in the world, but put him in the same category. 


Soccer fans classify Messi and Ronaldo 한국야동 separately as "news," not "human." It shows a level of performance and consistency that people can hardly believe. That's because Messi and Ronaldo have consistently maintained amazing performances over the past decade. He has divided world soccer without any ups and downs for a season. Messi and Ronaldo led Spain's two big clubs until Ronaldo moved to Juventus after winning his third straight European Champions League title in the 2017-2018 season at Real Madrid. Ronaldo and Messi had won the FIFA Player of the Year award and the Ballon d'Or five times in 10 years before Real Madrid's Modric of Croatia last year. 


Led by Messi, Barcelona won 2-0 at home in the 29th round of the 2018-19 season against Espanol in Kamnow, Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, which won six consecutive games, led the league with 21 wins, six draws and two losses (69 points). It is safe to say that he has maintained a 13 point gap with second-ranked Atletico Madrid. 


Messi, who added two goals, scored 31 goals for the season in Lariga. With the victory, Messi has won a total of 334 games, the most wins in Lariga, Spain. It is tied with former Real Madrid goalkeeper Casillas, who now plays for Portugal's Porto. Every time Messi wins in the future, a new record will be set. After Messi, Real Madrid central defender Ramos (300 wins) and Barcelona midfielder Busquets (257 wins) are following suit.

Why students are failing on writing their own essays?

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How can online marketers improve their writing skills?

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the cry of a life-threatening subcontractor Don't kill me anymore.

"I miss you Yong-gyun. I miss you. How can you do that? Why should this happen to us when we've only seen our son?.”사다리사이트

Kim Yong-kyun (24) and his parents, who died while inspecting the facilities in Taean, South Chungcheong Province on Wednesday, cried at a civic committee and the bereaved families' press conference to find out what to do with their son's life, saying, "My son didn't put documents here for more than half a year." Kim's parents said, "How can this be done as a parent?" and added, "Did the president say he would increase the employment rate? Please explain." "To be honest, I want to do the same thing as my son," he said, demanding severe punishment of the person in charge. "Our sons are our hopes, and it is up to the president and lawmakers to lead the country brightly." I don't know how long I have to go through this.

The funeral hall of Taean Medical Center where Kim`s body was buried was guarded by his colleagues. "The conveyor belt carrying coal was dangerous because it was several kilometers long and fast," said an official. He pointed out, "The risk of the accident was higher because the company reduced the number of people who were on the site from 15 three years ago to 12. "I was nervous when I was working on a conveyor during the night," another employee said. "If two people worked, I could have prevented the accident by pressing the stop button next to the belt immediately."

The Boryeong Branch of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, which started an on-site investigation after the accident, confirmed that it failed to comply with the "two-person one-man rule." "Because of poor profit structure, low-level companies often cut costs by reducing their employees," said Labor Minister Park Yong-hoon. In response, Korea Development Technology explained that it is possible for field operators to work on an internal guideline.

Kim had an accident early in the morning while inspecting the facilities alone. It has been more than two months since he joined the contractor in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province. Kim has been a better working conditions, union campaign took part in the dust mask and helmet in ‘Moon Jae-in temporary workers, president and I'll see you’ picketed.Authentication, take pictures.

When the news came out, netizens began to express their condolences and anger. "It's too bad that I'm a two-year-old brother. Subcontractors, young people, please don't push yourself. We need to change the original hearing, or the top of it." "A noble worker is another enemy of the Republic of Korea," said Mr. Rlac. He said his greed is endless, even though he is paid and treated with wages that are several times higher than that of non-regular workers. "The chest hurts." "President, I am about to turn into disappointment and anger." "I hope that a working environment where regular or non-regular workers return home safely after working," said Unpo.

"To take over the body, pay the money first?"

At 10:34 a.m. on August 8, a 79-year-old patient died at a nursing home in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. The son who was immediately contacted arrived at the hospital. In a typical case, you meet your doctor and hear a description of how he died, and take over the body with a death certificate. 메이저사이트

But the hospital asked his son, Kim, to pay first. The hospital charged 1,766,400 won for his nursing and medical expenses. There was no receipt. It was just a note saying, 'There were only a few employees before work, so I handed it to the guard.' It's a little bit smaller than the palm, and it's a piece of paper that looks exactly like the back of the page.
The guard gave me a note with the amount on it. The check-in staff said they all left at 2 p.m. on Saturday. The security staff was adamant that it would be impossible to hand over the body and death certificate without paying the money while the families arrived at the hospital. The hard-to-follow hospital director repeated to his family, 'If you want to know more about the detailed accounts, come back after 9 a.m. on Monday.'

After all, is The police were dispatched after two employees to work after finishing. No, I thought so. Around 8 p.m., when the bereaved family moved with the police to identify the body, Kim was lying in a hospital room in the multi-person room, not in a separate isolation area. For a long time, well over nine hours, Kim's body cooled cold without even realizing it in one of the sick rooms where the average patient lived. Around 10 p.m., families paid 1.5 million won for the deceased after making complicated settlement. It was nearly 12 hours after his death.
When I visited the hospital today (May 12) to hear an explanation, the hospital described Kim's location as a "safety room." There's no separate mortuary, so when a patient dies, he'll always be there until the caregiver arrives. However, unlike the name "an eye room," there is only a thin curtain between the body and the patient's bedside. Multiple elderly patients can be exposed to various contamination that can occur during the course of body decay. 

The hospital declined to answer questions about how many patients were in a hospital like Kim at the time. "There seems to have been some misunderstanding in the process of informing the guardian of the approximate cost," he said. "I don't know why the guard told me that I would have to pay the money to hand over the body."
But Kim's family says they are already too hurt. "When I came to the hospital, my doctor and caregiver could explain how I died," said Seo Kwang-joo, 57. But I was really shocked when I said, "I'm a building guard, and I only heard what I know, and I don't know anything about it." Also, it would be ridiculous for other patient guardians to know that the body was in the same hospital room with the patients for nearly 10 hours. It's not a courtesy to the deceased, but the patients must have been scared, too."

■ Criteria and procedures for treating dead bodies in nursing hospitals? 

The problem is that there is no standard of what to do in the event of death at a nursing home. "There are criteria for assessing how to treat a live patient until he or she leaves the hospital, but there are no standards on how to treat the dead person's body," said the Korea Institute for Healthcare Assessment, which has been certified twice at the hospital.

According to the data submitted by Rep. Choi Do-ja of the Right Future Party by the National Health Insurance Corporation, one out of every three people who died last year died at an elderly care hospital or nursing home. The number of people who died in nursing homes and nursing homes increased every year, reaching 97,985 last year, and the system has not been able to keep up with the reality. In order to avoid another case like Seo, a nursing home that promises to "take you like your family" should set a specific standard to help the deceased's death.

Kang Purn

What kind of a man is he in Bucheon MarketZhang Deok-cheon, mayor of Seoul, said, "It's a painful comment."

"I express my condolences to the people of Bucheon, as police have identified a man whose legs were wrapped around a wire and suspected that he made an extreme choice," said the mayor of Bucheon. 

"It's a very painful comment after I saw the comment on what the writer is doing in the Bucheon market," said Mayor Jang in a recent post on his Facebook page. 

"The city has installed 6600 CCTVs메이저사이트추천 with a large budget, and so far," Jang said. "The city has the highest level in the country, with more than 123 CCTVs per square kilometer." 

"We will make efforts to prevent crimes more actively by letting the public know that crime is bound to be arrested if it is committed in Busan," Mayor Jang said. 

"I offer my condolences to the people of Bucheon who must have felt heavy about the article," Jang said.

At 1:33 a.m. on October 10, a 60-year-old man was found dead after his legs were wrapped in a wire in the back of a tyre storage warehouse on the first floor of a closed swimming pool in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province. Lighters and cans of beer were found at the scene, but no suicide note was confirmed.

The police tracked down the CCTV 70 to 80 meters from the site and found that a person living in Koshiwon near Bucheon Station walked with a shopping bag to the site.

Having been out of touch with his family since eight years ago, he confirmed that he had tried to kill himself several times.

The police said they were looking for a family member because they believed that he killed himself because he was afraid of his safety.

Lowest wage directives in NovemberThe number of manufacturing jobs has decreased by 90,000.

Last month, the number of employed people rose 165,000 from a year earlier, the biggest increase in 10 months. However, the number of employed workers in manufacturing dropped 91,000스포츠토토 due to the short-term abolition of companies directly hit by the drastic increase in minimum wage, relocating them to foreign countries, and restructuring. It has been on the decline for eight consecutive months. The number of jobs in small businesses, which are sensitive to the minimum wage increase, was also reduced.

"The number of employed people in November reached 27.184,000 and 165,000 more than last year," the National Statistical Office said on Wednesday. The number of employed people in November is a surprise given the amount of increase. This is because the market's expectations on the employment situation have been too low. For the fourth consecutive month, the number of employed fell below 100,000. The number of employed people, which averaged 316,000 a month last year, plummeted to 5,000 in July and 3,000 in August, and failed to recover 100,000 in September and October, respectively in October.

The reason why the number of employed people recovered to 100,000 in just five months in November is that the number of jobs in the public service sector has increased significantly. On top of this, the decline in the number of employed people in wholesale and retail and lodging restaurants, which had been deteriorating due to the rapid increase in minimum wage, also affected the impact. Wholesale and retail trade shrank by 100,000 in October, but fell by 69,000 in November. The number of lodging and restaurants also declined from 97,000 to 59,000. The decline in wholesale and retail sales and lodging businesses has affected the overall improvement in the number of employed, although the facility management industry, another sensitive business, has worsened from 89,000 to 91,000. The National Statistical Office (NSO) believes that the number of people employed in related industries has increased due to the increase of Chinese tourists. The increase in the number of employed people in the health and social welfare service sector, which is heavily subsidized by the government, was 159,000 in October and 164,000 in November. The number of public administration workers has also increased by 32,000. 

"As the increase in the health and social welfare service industry has been maintained and the reduction in the number of lodging and food industries has slowed, the employment index has improved a bit," said Bin Hyun-joon, head of the employment statistics department at the National Statistical Office. "In the past, jobs for public workers could be identified under the category of public administration and social security administration, but these industries are scattered now, and there are limitations in identifying the effects of the measures as they are implemented by local governments," the government said on the effects of short-term employment (customized jobs) measures announced in October.

The government is taking a cautious stance on the sustainability of the November employment index. With corporate investment and private consumer sentiment at a time when there is a slowdown, there is a high chance that the economy will end up being just a one-off unless the economic vitality through investment flows. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Hong Nam-ki attended the Economic and Vitalization Meeting and said, "It is fortunate that the employment index in November has improved," but also mentioned structural changes in the Korean economy. "It is true that the overall (employment index) looks better than in the past, but it is difficult to predict whether it will continue or not," said Bin.

Experts are more cautious in thinking. On the contrary, next year's index, which calls for an additional 10.9 percent increase in minimum wage and the introduction of a 52-hour week, will be even worse. This is because large-scale restructuring and closing of small and medium-sized businesses, which lack sufficient funds, can be realized. In fact, 219,000 jobs were lost in November alone in the lowest-wage sensitive industries (retail, lodging restaurants, and facilities management). 

Another concern is that the number of manufacturing jobs fell for the eighth straight month and fell to 91,000 in November. "In principle, stable jobs should be done by the manufacturing industry, but the situation is not stable as exports as well as domestic consumption are slowing down," said Kim Tae-ki, an economics professor at Dankook University. The unemployment rate is also the highest since 1999 when the foreign exchange crisis hit. The unemployment rate hit a record high of 3.2 percent in 2009 after the financial crisis (3.3 percent). The youth unemployment rate stood at 21.6 percent, the worst since the statistics began to be compiled in 2015. 

In particular, the construction industry is seen as a "brainer" that could lead to job chaos next year. This is because the impact of this year`s slowdown on the construction industry could spread to the job market next year. "In the first half of next year, the employment index could deteriorate beyond our imagination," said Joo Won, an economist at Hyundai Economic Research Institute. In November, the number of construction workers stood at 2.12 million, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the 27.18 million.

Deciding whether to serve consecutive terms as CEO of Nonghyup Financial Group, Lim Choo-seo Bank, etc. on 17th

According to the financial sector on Monday, four of the nine subsidiaries of Nonghyup Finance will expire at the end of the year, including NH Nonghyup Bank, Nonghyup Life Insurance, Nonghyup Insurance, and Nonghyup Capital.

Among them, Lee Dae-hoon, president of Nonghyup Bank, is most likely to serve a second term. Although Oh Byeong-gwan, president of Nonghyup Sonbo, is likely to serve a second term after just one year, some say that he may move to another affiliate depending on the intention of Nonghyup Financial Group Chairman Kim Kwang-soo.

Nonghyup Capital President Ko사다리사이트 Tae-soon has mixed views. Nonghyup Capital posted 41.6 billion won in net profit in the third quarter, up 45 percent from last year, but some are saying that it did not improve its constitution once again.

The Achilles' heel is that the performance of Nonghyup Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has deteriorated since then. The net profit of Nonghyup Life Insurance Co. fell to 85.4 billion won last year and stayed at 26.8 billion won until the third quarter.

The committee consists of five outside directors, including Lee Joon-haeng, a professor at Seoul Women's University, Lee Ki-yeon, a professor at Sungkyunkwan University, and Jeong Byeong-wook, a vice president of Nonghyup Financial Group Lee Gang-shin, and Yoo Nam-young, a member of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation.

Lee`s term ends at the end of the year, with Nonghyup Financial Holding holding a meeting with its board of directors and shareholders on the 10th and appointing Choi Chang-soo, the senior vice president of Nonghyup Bank, as Lee`s successor. That is why Lee's move is also a matter of concern.

"Although this year's performance of Nonghyup will not be achieved through a large-scale replacement of CEOs, it is highly likely that some CEOs who are deemed to lack expertise will be replaced as Chairman Kim Kwang-soo has repeatedly announced that he will emphasize their expertise in personnel management at the end of this year."

Only the 'volatile' job has increased...Health and Welfare Effects

Although the number of employed people has increased significantly in just 10 months, experts say that it is still too early to discuss the recovery.

Given that most of the increased jobs are public jobs injected with government finances or those in the service sector, 실시간배팅 which is highly influenced by the economy, it is not certain whether the increase in the number of employed people will continue.

Some point out that the increase in jobs through the government finances is not playing a role of a major factor in the private sector, which is the basis of our economy, such as manufacturing.

According to the National Statistical Office on Wednesday, the number of employed people rose 165,000 from a year earlier in November, the biggest increase in 10 months.

By industry, the number of people employed in the public sector, including health and social welfare services, and public administration, national defense and social security administration, increased by 197,000.

In particular, the number of health and social welfare services increased by 164,000 (8.2 percent) from a year earlier, far exceeding that of the overall employment increase (0.6 percent). This is the largest increase in the number of employed people in the industry statistics were compiled.

The increase in the number of employed people is expected to continue for the time being, given that the government is focusing its efforts on expanding public jobs.

Earlier, the presidential policy planning committee set up a roadmap to create 340,000 public jobs in the health and service sector by 2022. The government is also considering adding 69,000 social service jobs to the economic policy direction next year.
On the other hand, the private job market continued to suffer from the low employment rate.

The number of workers employed in manufacturing in November was 4.49 million, down 98,000 (2.1 percent) from 4.581 million in the same period last year.

The number of employed people in manufacturing has declined for eight consecutive months since April this year, when the number of those employed. Due to restructuring of GM Korea at the beginning of this year, the number of employed workers in the manufacturing sector continues to decrease, the government said.

The wholesale and retail and lodging food industry has also declined for 12 months since December last year. Last month, the number of people employed in wholesale and retail restaurants stood at 59944,000, a decrease of 128,000 (2.1 percent) from 6,072,000 in the same period last year.

The government evaluated that the number of Chinese tourists is decreasing, but since August, the decrease is still large, as more than 100,000 people have been employed for four consecutive months.

The government also says it cannot guarantee that the government will continue to increase employment in the public sector.

"It is fortunate that the increase in the number of employed workers reached its highest point in 10 months," Deputy Prime Minister and Strategy and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki said at a meeting on economic revitalization on the day. "It is too early to decide whether the increase in employment in November is still a temporary increase (to recover employment)."

Na Kyung Won, "I'm not simple at all." a meeting between the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties

Na Kyung-won, floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party, visited the leadership of the ruling and opposition parties for a new personnel appointment on Wednesday, but only confirmed the clear difference in his stance on pending issues such as reforming the election system.스포츠토토추천
On the request of the three opposition parties to adopt the "interactive proportional representation system," Hong Young-pyo, floor leader of the main opposition Minjoo Party, said, "The National Assembly's special committee on political reform agreed on the election system reform plan in January next year, and we will push for the special session in February." However, Na expressed his negative stance on the day and said, "Reform of the election system is expected to be difficult.

"Hong also supported me during the election, but the party said that it was because he wanted to be comfortable," Na told Hong at the National Assembly. "So I said I was not simple." "I believe Na will share a lot of talks with the ruling party and play a big role in the productive parliamentary operation with his soft leadership," Hong replied.

"I think reform of the election system is the biggest issue and I am considering how I can solve it," Na said at a meeting with floor leader Kim Kwan-young, calling for reform of the electoral system. "I hope that the floor leader will become the leader who writes a big history of the Republic of Korea, and let's solve the reform of the electoral system with open mind," Kim said.

"I will talk to Bareun Mirae Party Chairman Sohn Hak-kyu, who has been on a hunger strike for seven days on the floor of the lobby of the National Assembly, and ask for his health. "If we drag the situation too long, we won't be able to see me," Sohn said.

Na also told Justice Party Chairman Lee Jung-mi, who is fasting next to Sohn, "We will share our opinions on the election system reform plan that the floor leader of the main opposition Democratic Party thinks has come up." "Since we have been discussing reform of the election system since the 19th National Assembly, we need to find an interface with the Democratic Party so it won't take too long," Lee said.

Uri floor leader Kim Moon Jae-in, I come with the president came into office sent congratulatory, Han Lee's chief political aide says, " we income driven by growth concerns and politics as soon as possible.I hope, replace the keynote. "Please give us lots of suggestions and advice on how to manage state affairs at the consultative body of the ruling and opposition parties," Han said.

"The Democratic Party agrees with the basic measures for reforming the electoral system, including the introduction of a proportional representation system that has been discussed between the ruling and opposition parties," Democratic Party Secretary-General Yoon Ho-joong said at the supreme council meeting.

However, Na said in a radio interview, "The basic position is that the electoral system should be discussed with the power structure," adding, "In case of the coalition-type proportional representation system, it is difficult to achieve without an increase in the number of lawmakers, so we wonder if the public's sentiment can sympathize with them. Overall, it is negative.

GP across the MDL... "Pigarette Fishery" and "Fire Love"

Soldiers from South and North Korea, who had been aiming at each other for 65 years since the signing of the armistice agreement, made an unprecedented scene on Monday where they cross the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) to verify the implementation of peace measures. As a measure to implement the "September 19 Military Agreement," the two Koreas completed cross-examination of 11 front monitoring posts in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which completed a pilot pullout.

The two Koreas deployed a total of 154 verifications and filming agents each for the field The South first went to the North's GP 사설토토사이트 in the morning and verified it in the same way that the North came down in the afternoon.

The South Korean verification team, wearing a yellow belt on a helmet, met with a North Korean guide at the DML interconnection point at 9 a.m. and exchanged greetings and passed the MDL before moving to the North's GP. They recently moved through 11 pre-made channels of the Osol-gil, talked briefly and recommended each other to smoke, creating a friendly atmosphere. It was hard to believe that the soldiers were fighting each other until just recently.

North Korea's verification team, which rose to a high altitude, was also seen explaining the terrain to the South's inspection team. The South returned to the South around 12 p.m. after completing the verification. At 2:00 p.m., the North passed the MDL to the South and returned to the North at around 4:53 p.m. Both South and North Korea reportedly conducted a two-hour inspection.

On the same day, the two sides confirmed the general status of GP's disablement, including the withdrawal of firearms, equipment and troops and the removal of ground facilities. In particular, the South Korean military deployed high-tech equipment such as a ground-to-air radar that can detect the internal form of underground construction through high-frequency signals and an endoscopic camera that drills underground to check the conditions of GP burial and destruction in the North. The North reportedly actively cooperated when Seoul confirmed the existence of underground tunnels.

Moon Jae-in, the president in the afternoon to visit a national emergency management center of the Cheong Wa Dae's secret bunker 20 minutes watching live video site for verification from gp the meeting.Defense Minister, jeonggyeongdu bakangi the relevant reports from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"The withdrawal and verification of the GP between the two Koreas itself marks a new milestone in the history of the division of the two Koreas in 65 years," President Moon said. "If the military firmly supports the peace process on the Korean Peninsula like today, the path of today will be a path to peace and the DMZ will be transformed into a land of peace." "The South and North Korean military have faithfully carried out the agreement between the leaders of the two Koreas, which has led to today's trust," he said. "This trust is the most important engine for realizing the Korean Peninsula without war."

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Defense held a joint funeral at the Seoul National Cemetery for the 365th-largest remains this year, including the 12th-largest remains of Korean soldiers who were found at the DMZ's arrowhead compound.

Lee Eon-joo, "Kim Jae-dong and Whitelist," Kim Mi-hwa, "Sorry for the Gas News."

Lee during the last 10 days, accusing the government on his Facebook page said, " Park Geun-hye for your life taken issue with the whitelist and blacklist hundreds of thousands of people in jail.Moon Jae-in who ever whitelist and blacklist in the government is missing? " This can be interpreted as the안전놀이터 추천

intention of the incumbent administration to have a whitelist. 

Rep. Lee cited Kim Je-dong's annual salary of 700 million won and Kim Mi-hwa, chairman of the Inter-Korean Railroad Promotion Committee, as a representative case of the incumbent administration's whitelist. Kim Je-dong and Kim Mi-hwa, two broadcasters who have recently raised suspicions about their high salary, were directly pointed out. 

Given Lee's words, it is understandable that Kim took the key post of leading the inter-Korean railroad project through the government's special favor. In fact, various online communities have posted comments such as, "Is Kim from Gagman a railroad expert?" and "A parachute personnel without expertise?" 

However, according to Yonhap News Agency on Sunday, there are no organizations or organizations called the Inter-Korean Railroad Promotion Committee, which Kim is the chairperson of. 

"We understand that there is no organization called 'South and North Railway Promotion Committee'," said an official of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. 

Kim is still in charge of the railroad. However, it is said to be irrelevant to the government.

Kim earlier this year launched by civic groups led by ‘huimangnae a (來)’ ‘donghae committee connecting bukppuseon’ in charge of the Committee. Hopeful future is a civic group that was established in 2010 to increase public interest in connecting the two Koreas. Kim is, as chairman of donghae bukppuseon committee as part of these businesses as well connected. 

He has insisted on inter-Korean railway cooperation, saying, "If the railway line between Gangneung and Jejin reaches 110 kilometers, we can go to Busan and Gangneung, North Korea's Mount Geumgang, Russia's Hasan, and London through the Trans-Siberian Railway." Among them, the commission launched with the intention of providing 1 percent of the 2 trillion won (2.3 billion U.S. dollars) that is expected to be needed to connect the Gangneung-Jejin railroad with citizens. At the time of its launch, former Korail president Lee Chul, former Unification Minister Chung Se-hyun, and Kim were appointed chairman. 

"We are trying to expand our consensus on social issues from the perspective of civil society," said Hwang Kwang-seok, vice chairman of the committee. 

Regarding the appointment of Kim as chairman, Kim said, "As the project requires a lot of ordinary citizens to participate in, we asked someone who has high public awareness and can express our intentions." 

Kim, who is involved in the case, also demanded an apology from Lee, saying that Lee's claim was false news. 
Mr. Kim on Twitter “Lee is not spreading false news and apple.”, and it's " been the chairman of the two Koreas ' railway and civil society and is huimangnaeiriraDonghae bukppuseon doing volunteer work at the ‘a campaign to tie it’ railway connection, the official said

【토토사이트】 스포츠토토사이트 |사설토토 |안전놀이터 |메이저사이트 추천 - 메이쩌

The French Interior Ministry said on Thursday that police arrested five people overnight in connection with the shooting at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, eastern France.

Deputy Home Secretary Laurent Nunez appeared on the French anchor radio and said, "During the night, police searched the Strasbourg area and arrested five people. 

The arrested men were arrested on another charge of Shekat Sheriff (29) who was suspected of escaping.

Police earlier raided Sheriff's home in the morning before the shooting on the previous day, near Strasbourg, a suspected murder and armed robbery. 

Cherif was born in Strasbourg and has been listed on the French government's list of terror-threatening figures.토토추천

He has been imprisoned several times and has been under police surveillance.

The police are on the trail of Sheriff.

Vice Foreign Minister Nunez said, "We can't rule out the possibility that the criminal escaped the French border."

Sheriff was found to have been injured in a shootout with police. 

One out of three people who were killed in the shootings were reportedly Thai tourists.

Peter Fritz, who witnessed the scene, said, "One of the dead was shot in the head as a Thai tourist and did not recover from a long attempt at cardiopul."

Besides the death, 13 people were injured in the shooting, and eight of them were seriously injured.

【토토사이트】 스포츠토토사이트 |사설토토 |안전놀이터 |메이저사이트 추천 - 메이쩌

It has been confirmed that the National Tax Service (NTS) is conducting a surprise tax probe against Google Korea.안전놀이터

According to the IT industry on Monday, the Seoul Regional Tax Service sent investigators to Google Korea's headquarters in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to secure accounting books and computer documents. 

Industry sources say that the tax authorities have begun a full-fledged investigation into the recent issue of the high-income YouTube manufacturer's tax evasion. 

As of last year, 1,275 YouTube channels were created by Koreans with more than 100,000 subscribers. According to the Korea Broadcasting System (KBC), the YouTube channel 'Form-Form-Toy' made about 3.16 billion won last year.

However, it has been pointed out that the income and tax status of YouTube, which is not part of the Multi-Channel Network but operates as an individual, are uncertain. 

National Tax Service Commissioner Han Seung-hee also said in a parliamentary audit in October that he agrees with YouTube, pointing out that it is necessary to strengthen taxes such as tax investigations. 

When asked whether the personal tax on YouTube where 100,000 subscribers earn 2.8 million won per month, Han said, "I am aware of the tax trend. "I will make no profit from the tax evasion." The National Tax Service has informed 513 YouTube users of income reports. 
On the other hand, some analysts say that the tax authorities are looking for suspicion of Google Korea's offshore tax evasion. 

Although Google is estimated to make about $5 billion (5 trillion KRW) in annual sales in South Korea, its tax revenue is very low compared to the amount of sales.

The company has been unable to collect taxes on the profits from App Store, which is the largest portion of sales, because it has servers overseas and no fixed operations in Korea. 

Google explained that it is paying taxes in Korea and that it is complying with local tax laws and tax treaties. 

Nevertheless, the tax department and discussions on the so-called "Google Tax" are also getting more active. As the revision of the Value-added Tax Act was passed at the National Assembly plenary session on the 8th of August, Google will have to pay VAT on services such as advertising and cloud starting from July of next year. 

Regarding the investigation, a Google Korea official said, "There is nothing to confirm." 

"We cannot confirm the information on individual taxes," said an official from the National Tax Service.

Sacred myth that the shutter is lowered..."About 80 franchises on sale"

There are signs that the domestic franchise industry is faltering. The number of businesses that have been closed has increased, and the M&A market is also being sold, but there is no place to buy. 토토사이트 The public offering of a franchise company, dubbed the "flower of the start-up myth," is also in a state of all-stop. With the slump in domestic consumption, rising labor costs and government regulations, the franchise industry, which has been growing since the 1990s, is facing a turning point.
There are dozens of franchise outlets already opened in the M&A market. Most of them include "Onderbodder," which was founded by Lee Ji-yong, who brought TGI Friday, a family restaurant, as well as food and beverage franchises such as Cafe Marmas (salad specialty stores), and Tolerance.

Private equity funds (PEF), which were busy acquiring franchises, have also turned around 180 degrees since the second half of this year. It seems that it is trying to clear up the franchise that it took over. Other examples include Harley's Coffee and Burger King Nolbu's MadPogalic Outback. Standard CharteredPE, once known as a restaurant franchise, chose Samsung Securities as its main selling agent in July, but temporarily suspended the sale because there were no buyers. Franchises that were established by private startups are also mentioned in M&A markets. School Food has been negotiating with a PEF recently, but it is said to be making no progress.

Some of them are trying to turn their businesses into direct businesses after abandoning their businesses that have many regulations. One of the franchises of Seolleongtang is going directly to the franchise store where the franchise contract ends this year. CJ Foodville plans to phase out its Korean food franchise, Seasonal Table.

○ All-Stops to be listed

Founders who dreamed of becoming listed on the stock market by writing "Frenching success stories" are also abandoning their dreams. Among its affiliates in Korea, only three of them were listed: Hammarro Food Service, which runs Mamasturt, and Dim (Mapogagi) and MP Group (Mr. Pizza).

Franchises, which had been preparing for the listing, have temporarily stopped opening their businesses due to the worsening economy and uncertainty of growth prospects. When listed, the price of public offering is low, making it profitable and only subject to criticism. "We have been preparing for the listing since last year, but we temporarily suspended the listing due to the lack of attractiveness of the franchise due to the slump in domestic consumption," said Moon Chang-ki, chairman of the original coffee franchise Idiyakoffee. Kyochon F&B, fruit juice franchise Ju, and Bulgogi Brothers have also reportedly abandoned their plans to be listed.

Minimum wage, lack of domestic demand, and regulation 3

The reason why the franchise industry is faltering is due to its lack of attractiveness. First of all, the domestic market is depressed. CJ Foodville, which has been franchising all restaurant businesses including coffee desserts, dining out and baking, posted a net loss of 32.5 billion won last year. This year is tentatively expected to be worse than last year, a high-ranking official of the company. Many major franchises such as coffee and chicken also predict that their operating profit this year will decrease by 20 to 30 percent compared to last year. The cost factors such as a minimum wage increase are increasing amid market saturation and sluggish domestic consumption.

The government's emphasis on co-existence with shop owners on large franchise franchises is another factor that undermines business appeal. As the government and the ruling party have recently decided to push for ways to allow franchisees to form a labor union, a sense of crisis is growing. "It is questionable who will be able to start a franchise with the permission of the union as well as the need to co-exist with the franchise owner according to the guidelines of the authorities," said a franchise representative. "We need to recognize that Franchise is a business that creates value-added, boosts the economy, and creates jobs, but the reality is that it is seen as a bad business that squeezes franchisees," he said.

【토토사이트】 스포츠토토사이트 |사설토토 |안전놀이터 |메이저사이트 추천 - 메이쩌

The air outside is very cold.

You should dress warmly on your way home.

It will snow in the central part of the morning tomorrow (March 13.

The southern part of Gyeonggi Province, 토토사이트 the southern part of Yeongseo, and the northern part of Chungcheongbuk-do will have 2 to 3 centimeters of snow, while some areas of southern inland will have snow in the afternoon.

The snow can be concentrated during rush hour, so traffic congestion is feared. Please be careful.

It will snow tomorrow afternoon, but there will be a strong cold in the future.

The cold wind will be strong from tomorrow afternoon, and Seoul will be down to minus 8 degrees the next morning.

Most of the time, the weather is fine in the countryside.

Tomorrow's fine dust level will look normal, but the dust density may temporarily increase.

The morning temperature starts at minus 4 degrees Celsius in Seoul and at minus 1 in Busan.

The midday temperature will be similar to today, but the body temperature will be lower.

This cold weather will last until the weekend.

Yale Privacy Lab TA3M September

Inaugural TA3M at MakeHaven makerspace

Location: New Haven, CT



This event is a follow-up from our Privacy Lab Skillshare on September 16. For our inaugural TA3M, we’ll be looking at mini-server projects such as FreedomBox (using hardware like the Raspberry Pi). What can affordable mini-servers on open hardware do for New Haven? Where does MakeHaven fit in? Yale? Other schools and organizations?


TA3M - February

1 min read

Location: Technologia Incognita, Louwesweg 1



- Report back of the Refugee Hackathon
- Lightning talks
- Drinks

Doors open 19:30
Start 20:00
End: 22:30

TA3M Amsterdam November

Location: Budapest, Pesthuislaan


Next TA3M. Agenda to follow.

Doors 19:30
Start 20:00

TA3M October 2015

1 min read

After a couple of months of silence, TA3M Amsterdam rises again.

Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup designed to connect software creators and activists who are interested in censorship, surveillance, and open technology. Currently, TA3M are held in various cities throughout the world, with many more launching in the near future.

There is no official program, but come on over for a drink, laugh and show off anything you want in particular! Be welcome!

Monday, October 19, 2015 - 19:00

Aux Yeux de Tous

Film on the surveilance madness in Paris

Location: Amsterdam, Budapest



Film by Cédric Jimenez and Arnaud Duprey shot largely from the perspective of security cameras and webcams. Audio is largely recorded phone conversations. set in Paris.

After a bomb-attack on gare d'Austerlitz in Paris, the security camera footage got lost, but police suspects a known terrorist group. Meanwhile an anonymous hacker gets hold of the lost footage and decides to investigate.

This 80 minute movie is fairly unique in it's choice in video and audio sources, providing an interesting perspecive as seen by the hacker or security personel. The storyline provides a good commentary on both privacy and the relation to currentday governments, comparable as a current day 'WarGames'.

This is the first screening in the Netherlands with english subtitles.

Language: French
Subtitles: English
Length: 80min
Directors: Cédric Jimenez, Arnaud Duprey
Writers: Audrey Diwan, Arnaud Duprey



Social Space Budapest, pesthuislaan, behind the Buddha, Amsterdam
Buddha: is now connected to twitter. Have a look at our new site for updates and announcements.

TransHackFeminist Report

1 min read

The TransHackFeminist convergence was first organized in Calafou, an eco-industrial post-capitalist colony, located 60 km from Barcelona, Catalonia. For seven days, from the 4th to the 11th of August 2014, intersectional feminists, queer and trans people of all genders met to better understand, use and ultimately develop free and liberating technologies for social dissent. The participants of the THF! understand technologies and hacking practices in the broadest sense; this includes hacking the body, gynecology and gender hacking, as well as academia, parenthood, and also computer systems, (distributed) networks, autonomous servers, “pirate”, community based and/or independent radio/tv, hardware and electronics. Around 90 people came to the convergence, where discussions, panels, hands-on workshops and performances on a variety of subjects unfolded.

you can read the entire report overhere;

16-02-2015 Amsterdam

The February edition

Location: Torenkamer De Waag. Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam



Stylometry, Mapping Data in Slums and Catching IMSI-Catchers in The Hague.
All at ‘De Waag’ in Amsterdam


Computational stylometry and (your) anonymity
"Computational stylometry is an attempt to uncover some information about the author of a given text. This can be the author's age or gender. Sometimes the author is known to be a member of a specific group (e.g. a political party). In such a case it can be possible to identify which member of the group is most likely to have written the text. This has implications for the anonymity of authors."

With: RZ, Master student Artificial Intelligence

Nairobi Slum Mapping
The mapping and online publication of slums in Nairobi.

There is no comprehensive map of all Nairobi slums. There is a lot of information about the large and well-known slums but hardly any knowledge exists about the smaller slums. Due to this lack of knowledge these small settlements are more vulnerable to illegal evictions. Organizers of evictions and their accomplices find it easier to go ahead because the evictions and human rights violations taking place out of sight of the public. The more information is known about a particular slum, the harder it is to evict it unseen and without protest. The mapping system is connected with a database, where slum residents can upload & collect all kind of digital material. Slum Mapping is both a preventive measure and gathered information can be used for journalistic and legal purposes.

With Ralf Graf, Multimedia Artist, Photo Journalist, Social Entrepreneur & Human Rights Activist.

Catching IMSI catchers
IMSI Catchers are used in mobile networks to identify and eavesdrop on mobile phone communication. How hard is it to catch the IMSI-catcher? We present the tools we used and provide a tutorial and results from a drive through The Hague.

With DrWhax and Dosch of Greenhost

Your lightning talk!
Please share your ideas, projects and cunning schemes with all present and enjoy smart and valuable feedback!

TA3M is explicitly informal and open. Meaning that you are invited to hack the process, ask questions, and be critical. You are very welcome to join in if you have something you want to share or discuss.

We invite a diverse crowd from different communities developing or using technology for change. This months edition will be held at de Waag. TA3M is an initiative of OpenITP in New York. The TA3M in Amsterdam is organized by Greenhost.

We hope you will join us at TA3M Amsterdam or one of the other TA3M events!

Save the Date: March 1-6, 2015 Circumvention Tech Festival

CTFestival will cross-pollinate information across disciplines, while providing individuals with opportunities to collaborate with those who focus on specific regions or facets of the field. In addition, we will be conducting an event series serving the Spanish-speaking circumvention tech community.

The Invisible Committee Returns with "Fuck Off Google" |

A decent article about a brilliant eight page article on hacker culture, open data and governance.

Alternative Learning Tank

The Alternative Learning Tank is a nomadic school and artistic organization that focuses in the research, creation and implementation of educational programs on progressive and radical fields of knowledge that are not contemplated by educational institutions. It strives for a reform of those institutions, embracing how knowledge is being produced and transferred in the XXI century. Drawing from precedents such as contemporary social movements, digital rights, hacker culture, new media and a general critical stand point about technology. ALT develops a practice of intellectual production and advocacy at the intersection between pedagogy, art and activism.

Radically Open Security

an idealistic bunch of security researchers, networking/forensics geeks, and Capture The Flag winners that are passionate about making the world more secure. We believe in transparency and openness. And our goal is to secure the society that allows us to run a company in the first place.

Internet Protection Lab

The Internet Protection Lab is a steadily expanding partnership of international organisations. Each of its members works to promote a safe and accessible Internet for people everywhere. To this end, we jointly organise trainings on the subject of online safety, as well as offering technical support. So that Internet users can continue to search and share important information online, without fear for their personal safety.


The NetAidKit is a pocket size, USB powered router that connects everything to everything, designed specifically for non-technical users. The easy to use web interface will allow you to connect the NetAidKit to a wireless or wired network and share that connection with your other devices, such as a phone, laptop or tablet.

19/01/15 Amsterdam

The January edition

Location: Knowmads, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 64, 1061 HW, Amsterdam , the Netherlands



NetAidKit, Radical Open Security and the Alternative Learning Tank at Knowmads.


The NetAidKit is a pocket size, USB powered router that connects everything to everything, designed specifically for non-technical users. The easy to use web interface will allow you to connect the NetAidKit to a wireless or wired network and share that connection with your other devices, such as a phone, laptop or tablet.

With Menso Heus (Internet Protection Lab) and Dr. Melanie Rieback (Radically Open Security)
(Heus and Rieback will also tell something on the general work of their respective organizations)

Alternative Learning Tank

Taking the crypto-pitchfork to the classroom

The Alternative Learning Tank is a nomadic school and artistic organization that focuses in the research, creation and implementation of educational programs on progressive and radical fields of knowledge that are not contemplated by educational institutions. It strives for a reform of those institutions, embracing how knowledge is being produced and transferred in the XXI century. Drawing from precedents such as contemporary social movements, digital rights, hacker culture, new media and a general critical stand point about technology. ALT develops a practice of intellectual production and advocacy at the intersection between pedagogy, art and activism.

With MBeltran, Postdigital & Zilog

Your lightning talk!
Please share your ideas, projects and cunning schemes with all present and enjoy smart and valuable feedback!

TA3M is explicitly informal and open. Meaning that you are invited to hack the process, ask questions, and be critical. You are very welcome to join in if you have something you want to share or discuss.

We invite a diverse crowd from different communities developing or using technology for change. This months edition will be held at Knowmads. TA3M is an initiative of OpenITP in New York. The TA3M in Amsterdam is organized by Greenhost.

We hope you will join us at TA3M Amsterdam or one of the other TA3M events!